All the Best from Edinburgh… to Adelaide

Upstairs from the bustling bar of the Historian Hotel, the audience packed into the seating for a set of four comedians to showcase their talents. Each set was a bite-sized helping of a greater meal, with most comedians directing the audience to get to their own shows whether they be a set of comedians riffing on the subject of sex or a self-described dangerous circus show. It was a sample pack of comedy.
Each comedian got to show off their rehearsed material but also showed their ability to go off script when needed, including a brutal but stylish shutting-down of a heckler. The mixture of comic tastes should ensure that everyone gets a helping of something they appreciate and a little of something new as well.
The line-up changes throughout the Adelaide Fringe so you could come back for seconds and find something new. The first night’s line-up seemed like the set up to a joke – a Scot, an Englishman, and an Irishman walk into a bar – but the audience gets more than that, much more.
The show’s variety does mean that the short sets we get from each comedian don’t feel quite complete but that is what you get with a show of this kind – it’s the ultimate in ‘try before you buy’ Fringe shows. If you want to hear more from a particular comedian, you can follow them up in their own show and see what they have to show outside of the time constraints necessitated by the format.
Following nearly immediately from the conclusion of All the Best from Edinburgh… To Adelaide is the final comedian, Nik Coppin’s Shaggers, a revolving offering of comics presenting their routines on sex. This ensures you don’t have to go far, or wait long, to get an extra helping if this show whets your appetite.


3.5 stars.

Words by Liam McNally

All the Best from Edinburgh… to Adelaide is playing every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, until the end of the Adelaide Fringe. Tickets are available here.


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