Katie Reddin-Clancy’s Grace is a unique experience this Fringe. Filing into the performance space of Tuxedo Cat at the Broadcast Bar (a place you could so easily walk past without noticing), Reddin-Clancy was already on the stage, ready for the audience. With a sizable selection of costumes to choose from, the audience is treated to Reddin-Clancy adopting a number of personas throughout the show. The transition is smooth and the commitment to each character is absolute.

One is not necessarily furnished with the full information of what is going on immediately, but through the course of the performance, the picture becomes clear. Set around a performance and the individuals attached to it, the story is filled out by Reddin-Clancy’s varied stable of well-realised characters.

Through humour, thought-provoking discussion, and character development, Grace slowly uncovers its core: a story about identity and love. It explores quite intrinsic elements of humanity while maintaining humour and wit throughout.

As you scan through the Fringe’s massive schedule, it could be easy to miss  this enigmatically titled performance, just as it could be easy to walk past the door of its venue without noticing, but it would be a mistake. Charming, funny, and witty, Grace is perfectly pitched to elicit the audience’s responses at every moment. Mixing humour, seriousness, and irreverence, the blend of the performance is something that almost should not work – yet somehow, by the skill of Reddin-Clancy as a performer, it works.

In its short 60-minute duration, Grace poses an enigma to the audience, solves it, and takes the audience on an engaging run through a series of characters brought together around a performance as the nexus by which they mutually connect.

Remarkable in its originality and daring, Grace is an excellent performance showcasing a talented performer’s ability to adopt new and distinct personas deftly.


Words by Liam McNally

4 stars.

Grace is playing at Tuxedo Cat at the Broadcast Bar every night until March 18. Tickets available here.

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