The Good, the Bad, and the Sunburnt

Irish Australians Sean Quinn and Darren Matthews come together again to present The Good, the Bad, and the Sunburnt, a comedic conglomeration of the good and the bad of Ireland and Australia. With only an hour and a tiny upstairs space at the Producers, the boys divide their time and have a set each to show us what it is like being an Irishman in Australia.


Sean, the good, goes first, telling us about all the wonderful and not so wonderful things he’s learned from living in Australia—and what just doesn’t translate back home. You can’t just bring a plate to a pub in Belfast and the Irish certainly don’t understand the concept of not being there to ‘fuck spiders’. Not to have us miss out on any of the higher arts, Sean also provides some poetry to start the night (which is purposefully terrible) and some relaxation exercises.


Darren has the second set and he also has many stories about what being in Irish in various other countries has taught him. We learn about his struggles in a bar in Christchurch, his inability to pronounce ‘Toronto’, and of course the good and the bad that comes with living with four women (who disappear and are replaced by strangers after a night out).


Funny, crude, and potentially offensive, this show kept the audience engaged and laughing in all the right places, but what else can you expect from the Irish? Having already sold out two shows, you’ll have to get in quick to secure already limited seats!


Words by Kayla Gaskell

Three and a half stars.

The Good, the Bad, and the Sunburnt is playing at the Nook in The Producers on February 25th and February 27 – March 2. Tickets available here.


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