In Conversation with: BAD [w]OMEN

After a tremendous performance of BAD [w]OMEN: Mirrors, Tulpa wanted to get in contact with BAD [w]OMEN’s Jennie Hall to have a chat and find out how their show came to be. 


Why the Adelaide Fringe as a place for your show?

We love the Adelaide Fringe – two of us have worked as staff here for the last few years and it’s such a unique and exciting festival. Given our history working for the festival too, we felt like we understood its dynamic and had enough good people behind us here. It’s also not quite as intimidating as Edinburgh in terms of a place to debut a show, so it was a no brainer!

How did the show originate? All three of you? A conversation? Did you seek out other collaborators after the original idea? 

We all separately wanted to do a show, and then one drunken night at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, we just committed to it together. The group has always been just us three – we all had such a similar idea about what we wanted the show to be, and Chloe and Rosie had previously done comedy together, so it seemed perfect!

What’s the deal with the silver morphsuits? It’s an Adelaide summer!

Yeah look, we didn’t think that one through properly – haha! There’s a couple of reasons. The show is called Mirrors because we hope that audiences see something of themselves or a world they recognise in our satire, so getting reflective suits was a fun way to visualise that. Also it’s important to us to have a brand and visibility. A lot of people stop us and ask what we’re doing, or say they’ve seen us around and it’s because we’re recognisable.


Why should people come to see your show? What sets it apart?

Our show is a sketch show with a twist – it’s an attempt at something new, and at making something that sends a message without being preachy. We’re massive on taking the piss out of people to take away the power they hold and I think that’s quite unique in terms of a Fringe show. Also there’s party poppers, glitter and amazing tunes!!


If you could go back in time, what would you tell/warn yourselves of, in the making of the show? 

Potentially get more breathable costumes!! Honestly think if we could go back in time, we’d maybe actually give ourselves a little more time. Doing a season with a brand new show is always hard, and inevitably it gets really intense. We’d probably tell ourselves to just give ourselves a break a little bit more – rest, spend time alone, eat well and try and stay healthy mentally and physically!


Interview by Liam McNally.

Thanks to Jennie Hall and the BAD [w]OMEN team.

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