AAAAAAAARGH! It’s the Best of Fringe Comedy from the UK

AAAAAAAARGH! It’s the Best of Fringe Comedy from the UK (that’s with eight ‘a’s, just so you know) showcases three comedians each night. These bite-sized stand-up shows allow everyone to get something for their own taste and test something new. The show clearly has a following of some passion as the host recognised several of the audience members.

One audience member recognised the host’s shirt (though it wasn’t the same one – he just has a hell of a lot of red Spiderman shirts). Another couple in the first row, were recognised by the comedians, having gone to shows in Adelaide, Perth, Edinburgh, and Melbourne. If you need any kind of signal of the quality of a show, someone willing to pursue its performers across the globe is about as good a sign as one can get.

Each of the three comedians showed something new and different and with an ever-changing line-up, the shows feel like a smorgasbord of each comedian’s work and works well as a starting point for lovers of comedy everywhere to make their start into the wide-ranging world of the Fringe’s many comedy helpings.

For those who wish to keep their heads down and not be noticed in the audience, this isn’t the sort of show where you’ll be unexpectedly picked upon. On the other hand, there are those who love the unexpected elements of audience interaction and the thorough professionals these comedians are, they are adept at picking the right audience members to engage with.

Last night’s show ranged from one of the comedian’s experiences with the strangest ‘knock knock’/Doctor Who joke to another decrying his hairdresser’s failure of duty of care in allowing him to take his current (quite recognisable) hairstyle. Along the way, we take in subjects as diverse as Christmas, life on a cruise ship, the changing face of dating and courtship, and the reason Scotland and England will never finally break up after all.

The show will never be exactly the same, from one night to the next, allowing for the audience to feel that the set they watch is one that will never be brought together again quite in the same way – it’s quite a unique experience. Sampling the various flavours of comedy on offer in this way helps to get the audience’s comedy tastebuds going and is sure to see some of the viewers go on to pursue the comedians’ other shows.

Words by Liam McNally

4 stars.

AAAAAAAARGH! It’s the Best of Fringe Comedy from the UK is playing every night at The Griffins Hotel (except Monday). Tickets available here.

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